The Fool The Magus The High Priestess

Interpretation of the Major Acarna

The tarot deck used is the Robin Hood deck. The interpretations will not always match those of other decks, or your own personal cards. This is meant as a guide only, practice and working with your own cards, will bring meaning and insight to your readings.

0- The Fool
Upright: A leap into the unknown, optimism, innocent.
Reversed: Folly, carelessness, naiveté, lack of focus

1- The Magician
Upright: Sign for infinity, spirits working behind the scenes, renewed creativity and vigour.
Reversed: A need to control, secrecy

2- High Priestess
Upright: Listen to the intuitive side of your nature, an interest in spiritual knowledge, wisdom gained
Reversed: Fear of looking for answers, does not trust intuition

3- The Empress
Upright: Female card, mothering side of female nature, pregnancy, growth as a woman
Reversed: Look to where your life needs growth, sterile, deprivation

4- The Emperor
Upright: Male card, good with head and hands, usually self employed, ability to lead and inspire, knows how to work the system
Reversed: Insecurity, loss of power, oppressed by authority

5- The Hierophant
Upright: Seeking spiritual help and guidance, in a female spread women’s problems
Reversed: Non conformity, rigid, questioning of traditions

6- The Lovers
Upright: Awakening of passionate love, sexuality, the balance of male/female side, matters of the heart
Reversed: Inability to find a partner, manipulation of others using sexuality

7- The Chariot
Upright: Movement into the next phase of life, career advancement, going on a journey
Reversed: Impatience, disregarding of others, insensitivity

8- Strength
Upright: Strength to overcome obstacles, to create peace between opposing forces, to overcome personal problems
Reversed: Imbalance, discord, weak on decision making

9- The Hermit
Upright: Time on your own will be well spent, self-reflection, to gain knowledge
Reversed: Refusing to listen to intuition or advice from others, distracted, no time for reflection

10- The Wheel Of Fortune
Upright: That person is moving towards their destiny, awareness of things around them, life continues on an ever ongoing cycle
Reversed: They are going back to face a situation, disappointment, pessimism

11- Justice
Upright: Ability to defend oneself so that justice is done, look at a situation from an outsiders point of view, so that fair play is achieved, legal matters
Reversed: Frustration with people or situations, no time for legalities that holds things up

12- The Hanged Man
Upright: Making sacrifices for the good of others, time in suspension, taking care of others
Reversed: Lack of understanding, materialistic, no values

13- Death
Upright: Re-birth, off with the old on with the new, painful change that is necessary, transformation
Reversed: Fear of change, resisting change

14- Temperance
Upright: Patience, balance between the physical and spiritual self, sense of peace
Reversed: Imbalance, lack of moderation, can indicate a person who drinks too much, or takes drugs

15- The Devil
Upright: Negative card, negativity in a persons life, bondage enslavement in a situation (usually self created) card of depression
Reversed: Free from temptation, light at the end of the tunnel, victory over a problem from the past

16- The Tower
Upright: Rapid change, things happen that seem drastic at the time, these changes need to happen, for changes to take place
Reversed: Hidden forces at work to transform things for the better, have patience

17- The Star
Upright: Major wish card, whatever you wish for you will get to the letter, follow your dreams, good fortune
Reversed: Insecurity, not feeling worthy, afraid to follow your heart

18- THE Moon
Upright: Support of those who really care for you (usually a woman) intense dreams
Reversed: Deception, what you see is not what you have, fickle

19- The Sun
Upright: Hope and understanding, in a bad spread cancels out negative cards, fertility, life energy, love
Reversed: Problems with projects, or moving on in life, backs away from love and affection

20- Judgement
Upright: Not to judge yourself harshly, fair play is indicated, major life changes required, confidence to carry them out
Reversed: Not able to decide on a plan of action

21- The World
Upright: Everything you are hoping for can be achieved, understanding of the balance between nature, connection with the cosmos, travel and communication
Reversed: Not sure how to make changes for the better, things at a standstill

0 Fool  I Magus II High Priestess
The Empress The Emperor The Hierophant
III Empress IV Emperor V Hierophant
The Lovers The Chariot Strength
VI Lovers VII Chariot VIII Strength
The Hermit The Wheel of Fortune Justice
IX Hermit X Fortune XI Justice
The Hanged Man Death Temperance
XII Hanged Man XIII Death XIV Temperance
The Devil The Tower The Star
XV The Devil XVI Tower XVII Star
The Moon The Sun Judgement
XVIII Moon XIX Sun XX Judgement
The Worlde
XXI World