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Thursday, 05 December 2019

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Divination: The Tarot - Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups: The Lord of Material Happiness

 Nine of Cups

Keywords: Wish Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Sensual Pleasure
Reversed: A lack in money, overindulgence, illness, a wish may not come true

Numerical Value: 9
Season: Summer
Direction: West
Element: Water
Planetary/Zodiac Correspondence: Jupiter in Pisces

Card Description:

Interpretation Upright:

With understanding and forgiveness there is an ecstatic moment of fulfillment, the power of unconditional love, the benediction. Great mother in all her aspects, protecting, caring and unselfish, the deep joy of overflowing love. Also the support that a close, loving family can give and share. A time of pleasure and satisfaction and the fulfillment of a cherished wish. The psyche is rescued from the darkness of the underworld with inner commitment of the only mortal and loyalty of own feelings, a second meeting of real marriage is possible - the inner and outer union.

Interpretation Reversed:

Over-possessive love.

Falling into error, complacency, vanity and self indulgence. Shortage of money due to spendthrift tendencies or loss of credit cards. Sentimentality and an overlooking of the faults in others which can lead to abuse of hospitality.

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