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Friday, 24 June 2022

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Divination: The Tarot - Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands: The Lord of Great Strength

 Nine of Wands

Keywords: Defensiveness, Perseverance, Stamina
Reversed: Unpreparedness, refusal to fight, weakness in character, ill health, bending over adversity

Numerical Value: 9
Season: Spring
Direction: South
Element: Fire
Planetary/Zodiac Correspondence: Moon in Sagittarius

Card Description:

Interpretation Upright:

Here we have tremendous power of the creative imagination and with this the final struggle before the goal is reached. The creative spirit in human beings cannot be controlled or bent to our will, it is a force that cannot be shaken, it is our strength and stability. Our vitality, radiance and light. The happiness and joy of being honest to oneself, the will to live is at the same time the ability to inspire others. Although it is a state of exhaustion - take this final challenge - you are almost home. With hope and being open to knowledge you can complete this journey. A mystery comes up, detachment of the psyche, understanding is happening.

Interpretation Reversed:

Cruelty through extreme egoistically self-detachment.

Lack or inability to give and take. Projects pursued that are destined to fail because of their impractical nature. Delays and disarray. Card could indicate possible poor or ill health. A secure position that is no longer. Personality flaws.

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