Wednesday - The Day of Mercury. Magical aspects: the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, and wisdom. This is the best day to engage in anything dealing with communication.
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Wednesday - The Day of Mercury - Planetary Hours

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Planetary Hours

Wednesday - The Day of Mercury

Wednesday - The Day of Mercury

Magical aspects: the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, and wisdom. This is the best day to engage in anything dealing with communication.

With Wednesday brings the beauty of luck, the satisfaction of psychic work, increased communication and the retail success that it brings. If you feel that lady luck has been rather mean with her glances recently, it might be worth asking for a little extra something on a Wednesday and await the returns.

This is the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving communication, divination, writing, knowledge, business transactions, teaching, reason, skill, self-improvement, debt, fear, loss, intellectual pursuits, and flexibility.

Planetary Hours for Wednesday, 28 June 2017

City: Greenwich
Country: United Kindom
Latitude: 51.483061
Longitude: -0.00415
UTC/GMT Offset: 1

Sunrise: 4:45
Sunset: 21:21
Daylight Hours: 996 minutes
Daylight Saving Time: On
Planetary influence for Wednesday: Mercury

Planetary Hours of The Day - Sunrise

Planetary Hour Length: 83 mins 0 secs

104:45:00am - 06:08:00amMercury
206:08:01am - 07:31:00amMoon
307:31:01am - 08:54:00amSaturn
408:54:01am - 10:17:00amJupiter
510:17:01am - 11:40:00amMars
611:40:01am - 13:03:00pmSun
713:03:01pm - 14:26:00pmVenus
814:26:01pm - 15:49:00pmMercury
915:49:01pm - 17:12:00pmMoon
1017:12:01pm - 18:35:00pmSaturn
1118:35:01pm - 19:58:00pmJupiter
1219:58:01pm - 21:21:00pmMars

Planetary Hours of The Night - Sunset

Planetary Hour Length: 37 mins 0 secs

121:21:01pm - 21:58:01pmSun
221:58:01pm - 22:35:01pmVenus
322:35:01pm - 23:12:01pmMercury
423:12:01pm - 23:49:01pmMoon
523:49:01pm - 00:26:01amSaturn
600:26:01am - 01:03:01amJupiter
701:03:01am - 01:40:01amMars
801:40:01am - 02:17:01amSun
902:17:01am - 02:54:01amVenus
1002:54:01am - 03:31:01amMercury
1103:31:01am - 04:08:01amMoon
1204:08:01am - 04:45:01amSaturn

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Planetary Hours - Influences and Activities.

Saturn Hours: Discipline and patience; giving up bad habits; overcoming obstacles; success with difficult tasks or difficult people; projects of long duration breaking ground, laying foundations; planting perennials; treating chronic illness; making repairs; seeking favors from older people (not relatives) or difficult people.

Jupiter Hours: Wisdom, optimism; money (borrowing / lending/ investing / earning / winning); activities necessitating enthusiasm; buying lottery tickets; seeking advice / consultation; settling disputes; seeking favors from grandparents, aunts and uncles, advisers (doctors, lawyers, accountants, astrologers).

Mars Hours: Courage, adventure; enforcing your will; success with drastic action (lawsuits, conflicts, going to war, surgery); sports, exercises; risk-taking; making complaints; firing employees; seeking favors of husband or boyfriend.

Sun Hours: General success and recognition; spiritual illumination; decisiveness, vitality; activities requiring courage or a mood of self-certainty making big decisions, scheduling meetings for reaching decisions, giving speeches, launching new projects; seeking favors from father, husband, boss, authorities.

Venus Hours: Love; friendship; artistic and social success; enjoyable, sociable and aesthetic activities such as parties, social gatherings, recitals / exhibitions, weddings, visits, dating and seeking romance; planting ornamentals; buying gifts, clothing, luxuries; beauty treatments; seeking favors from women.

Mercury Hours: Success in studies / communications; children; making a good impression; routine activities and activities needing clear communications; teaching / learning; important business letters / phone calls; meetings to develop or communicate ideas; buying / selling; routine shopping, errands, travel; job applications / interviews; seeking favors from neighbors, co-workers.

Moon Hours: Health; home (buying home, moving); journeys / vacationing (time of leaving home or takeoff); activities remote in time or space meditation, making reservations, finding lost objects or people; planting food crops; hiring employees; seeking favors from mother, wife, employees.

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