The Seven Noble Metals Of The Ancients and their associations with magick. These metals and the planetary and astrological correspondences are important in many aspects of Witchcraft.
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Monday, 23 May 2022

The Metals

The Metals

The Seven Noble Metals Of The Ancients.

Following is a list of The Seven Noble Metals Of The Ancients and their associations with magic. These metals and their planetary and astrological correspondences are important in many aspects of Witchcraft and Alchemy, ranging from colour, candle, talismanic magic or just observing auras. This is not a complete list, rather it is a general guideline on Metals and their meanings.


Ruled by Venus, and corresponds to the letter I and amethyst, is astrological houses are Taurus and Libra. It is sacred to the Goddess and Oya. Use for money and fertility.

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, art, balance, harmony and peace. Venus is the planet with the lowest rotation. The character of the planet and goddess Venus is passive, receptive, magnetic, feminine, relating, adaptation to the other one, kindness and gentleness, enjoyment. The metal copper has a great connecting power: it easily combines with other metals and it easily transfers warmth and electricity (think of the copper in electricity wires).

Magical use of Copper

Use copper in rituals, spells and amulets to promote love, sensuality, friendship, positive relationships of any kind, negotiations and peace.



Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of Silver and Gold. The Egyptian name is asem. It is pale yellow and similar in colour to amber, with the gold content about 75%.



Was used by alchemists to make Tincture Of The Sun. It is ruled by the Sun and its astrological house is Leo and its nature is male. To the Mayans Gold represented the East. The symbol for gold is Au from the latin aurum meaning shining dawn. The weight of gold is expressed in troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 1.097 ordinary ounce) . It corresponds to the letter E, diamonds and the heart. Use for wisdom, common sense, longevity, comfort and money spells. Use gold amulets for depression, comforting and strengthening the heart, hallowing, wealth, protection, healing.

In most cultures gold is associated with riches, ruler ship and truth. We are still told that paper money is backed by gold. Gold forms the centre of the economy, the throne and crown of the ruler are made of gold, the main day of the week is ruled by the golden Sun, and the Sun is the centre of our solar system. Gold has to do with the core, the most important part of something.

Magical use of Gold

Use the metal gold or the colour gold in rituals/spells concerning Sun-deities, the male force, authority, self-confidence, creativity, financial riches, investments, ,fortune, hope, worldly and magical power. Wear golden jewellery to improve self-confidence and inner strength.



The Warriors metal. Ruled by Mars, and corresponds to emerald, its astrological houses are Aries and Scorpio. It is sacred to Jarn Saxa (Iron Dirk), Mars and Ogun. Use as a ward against ghosts and spirits, strength, competition, protection, and command.

The red colour of Mars is due to the vast amounts of iron oxide on that planet. Man has always used iron and steel for tools and weapons, to serve his working power and his defence. In iron we recognize the male and active character of the war-god Mars, building and conquering himself a new world.

Magical use of Iron

Use Iron in rituals, spells and amulets to promote energy, strength, determination, will-power, assertivity and aggression, fertility-rites, beginnings and undertakings, speed, power and courage.

For more energy: eat food that contains iron, like meat, beet, dark green vegetables, whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, apple-syrup, sea-weed.

Use herbs with much iron like the Urtica, Equisetum, kelp and spirulina.



Ruled by Saturn, its astrological houses are Capricorn and Aquarius and corresponds to the spleen, the letter U and turquoise. Use for business, houses, and time.

Saturn with its beautiful rings, reflects the organised and strict character of this planet spirit. It is the last personal planet that can be seen with the naked eye. The more distant trans-personal planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto require the aid of a telescope.

Chronos, the Greek name for Saturn, is the father of time. In legend, after death the soul is weighed on scales made from lead, Saturn's ruling metal, which is associated with the serious nature of Saturn, it also inherits the heaviness of lead.

Magical use of Lead

Use lead in rituals, spells and amulets to promote contact with deep unconscious levels (the underworld), deep meditation, banishing negativity, breaking bad habits and addictions, protection, stability, grounding, solidity, perseverance, decisiveness, concentration, conservation, and material constructions (buildings, etc.)

Warning: Do not wear lead directly on your skin, do not inhale it regularly (paint often contains lead!) and do NOT drink water that has been in contact with lead, for this metal is poisonous.



Ruled by the Moon, called Luna by alchemists, Silver corresponds to crystals and the letter A. Its astrological house is Cancer. Silver is sacred to Arianrhod (the Silver Wheel) and Nuadha Argetlam (Nudd of the Silver Arm). Use Silver for protection and lunar magic.

Moons are celestial globes who do not have their own orbit, but who circle around a planet. The symbolic meaning of the Moon is receptivity, reaction and reflection. The Moon acts as a mirror reflecting the light from the Sun and a mirror is just glass with a thin layer of silver. The Moon has monthly phases, lasting approximately 29.5 days, waxing to Full Moon and waning to New Moon, and her magnetic fields influence the rhythms of the tides. The Moon is further associated with femininity, motherliness, cycles and changeable emotions.

Magickal use of Silver

Use the metal or the colour silver in rituals, spells or talismans concerning Moon-goddesses, the female force, cycles, emotional and/or hormonal imbalances, reflecting or neutralizing negativity, dreams and intuition, psychic work and psychic abilities.

Wear silver jewellery to improve fertility, emotional and hormonal stability.



Ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius and Pisces are its astrological houses and it corresponds to the letter O and carnelian. Use for meditation and relaxation, honour, wealth, wisdom.

The largest of the planets in the solar system, Jupiter, is associated with the chief God of the Roman Pantheon - Jupiter. The qualities of Jupiter are, abundance, prosperity, growth and success. It is also the planet of healing, regeneration and rejuvenation.

Magical use of Tin

Use Tin in rituals/spells promoting abundance, prosperity, success in business and in legal matters, stimulation, attracting what you desire, energy, healing, regeneration and rejuvenation.  

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