A listing of Pagan shops, retail outlets and other online shops selling a wide range of pagan related goods. Pagan Shops - Otherworld Books to Wonderfully Witchy
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Thursday, 07 July 2022

Pagan Shops

Pagan Shops

A listing of Pagan shops, retail outlets and other online shops selling a wide range of pagan related goods.

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Otherworld Books

Otherworld Books Pagan and esoteric bookshop based in Edinburgh and online

Website: Otherworld Books »

Added: 05/06/2016 09:19:00

Esoteric Aroma

Esoteric Aroma A beautiful selection of metaphysical tools ranging from candles, smudging supplies, altar tools, crystals, resins and so much more

Website: Esoteric Aroma »

Added: 05/06/2016 09:19:00

The Paganarium

The Paganarium Handcrafted magickal and ritualistic items, incense, aromatherapy, candles, giftwares, jewellery, divination, soft furnishings, natural remedies and much more.

Website: The Paganarium »

Added: 17/11/2015 16:51:00

Domina Lunae - Magical Lunar Apothecary

Domina Lunae - Magical Lunar Apothecary Magical emporium specialized in feminine witchcraft and women spirituality. Our shop is specialized on creating and selling handmade esoteric supplies for your magical practices, healing processes and feminine empowerment. All our products have been made with magical intent and following lunar magic.

Website: Domina Lunae - Magical Lunar Apothecary »

Added: 04/06/2015 20:14:00

Cloudsonline, Manchester

Cloudsonline, Manchester

Welcome to Clouds - A world of incense, Pagan accessories, crystals, angels, aromatherapy and much, much more.

Website: Cloudsonline, Manchester »

Added: 13/05/2015 09:14:00

The Divine Mystic Cauldron

The Divine Mystic Cauldron

An online pagan store that sells everything from altarware to giftware, incense and spell-kits. We also have an affiliated magazine called The Pendle Craft.

Website: The Divine Mystic Cauldron »

Added: 13/05/2015 09:12:00

Itty Bitty Celtic Witch

Itty Bitty Celtic Witch Welcome to the Magical Realm of Itty Bitty Celtic Witch where Magic Meets Handmade! Featuring: Crystal Healing Jewelry, Spell Candles, Spell & Witch Bottles, Dream Pillows, Crystal Balls & More!

Website: Itty Bitty Celtic Witch »

Added: 03/02/2015 23:41:00

The Crystal Buddha

The Crystal Buddha

The Crystal Buddha

The Crystal Buddha is a New Age shop in Knaresborough. We specialise in Crystals, jewellery, Tarot incense, and home wares. We also run workshops and regular events at the shop alongside offering holistic treatments.

Website: The Crystal Buddha »

Added: 02/01/2015 13:37:00

The Hall of Nephthys

The Hall of Nephthys A Pagan Online Shop based in the UK, selling Pagan Jewellery, Ritual Oils and Infusions, dried Herbs and Bespoke Crafts

Website: The Hall of Nephthys »

Added: 14/12/2014 10:45:00

Black Cat Emporium

Black Cat Emporium Purveyors of the finest esoteric goods for the discerning witch, wiccan or druid. A huge range of silver jewellery, incense, altar items and many more.

Website: Black Cat Emporium »

Added: 21/11/2014 11:21:00

Itty Bitty Celtic Witch ~ Pagan and Metaphysical shop

Itty Bitty Celtic Witch ~ Pagan and Metaphysical shop A New Online Witchcraft Shop selling an array of pagan and metaphysical goods including witch bottles, crystals, crystal healing jewellery and tarot readings.

Website: Itty Bitty Celtic Witch ~ Pagan and Metaphysical shop »

Added: 13/10/2014 16:33:00

Moon Diary and Pagan Calendars

Moon Diary and Pagan Calendars Moon Diary and Pagan Calendars, cards other astrological and lunar gifts

Website: Moon Diary and Pagan Calendars »

Added: 13/10/2014 16:32:00

The Stone Ring

The Stone Ring The Stone Ring was established in 2007 by psychic and healer Marie Young. Marie has been a healer and therapist for many years. She discovered she was psychic from a very young age, and it has been a life long journey of discovery for her, as she expanded her healing disciplines and embraced the spiritual and metaphysical world. The shop boasts an impressive range of pagan, spiritual and alternative gifts along with a huge assortment of crystals, tarot cards, angel cards, oracle cards, jewellery, metaphysical books, meditation cds, incense and holders. We specialise in rarities and specialist healing crystals. So whether you are looking for ajoite and black beryl or amethyst and quartz…..we have everything to suit your needs. A range of complementary therapies and workshops including Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tai Chi and Medical Qigong plus many others run throughout the year.

Website: The Stone Ring »

Added: 13/10/2014 16:31:00

GreenMan Garden Wall Plaques

GreenMan Garden Wall Plaques I hand cast and paint GreenMan & GreenLady Garden Wall Plaques. I also do Sun & Moon Plaques and various other items.

Website: GreenMan Garden Wall Plaques »

Added: 19/09/2014 16:34:00

Purecraft Magick Supplies

Purecraft Magick Supplies We specialize in a wide variety of Incense, Baths and Oils made from only the freshest herbs, roots, resins and pure essential oils available. Our quality is the one thing we stand by without question. We do not compromise any of our recipes and use only organic ingredients.

Website: Purecraft Magick Supplies »

Added: 31/07/2014 10:32:00

Tumtum tree organics

Tumtum tree organics We are a very small home business just starting out, hoping to cater for those who are more environmentally aware and care about the natural products they buy and consume. We supply organic herbs, teas, spices and wholefoods.

Website: Tumtum tree organics »

Added: 11/07/2014 12:51:00

Nemetona Ltd

Nemetona Ltd

On 1 May 2014 we will be opening the doors to our new town centre shop. The shop will stock a range of pagan and spiritual items, books, music, candles, herbs, incense, oils, spell supplies etc.

Nemetona Ltd

36 New Wynd
DD10 8RB

Website: Nemetona Ltd »

Added: 11/04/2014 13:48:00

Practical Magick

Practical Magick Well met and welcome to the weird and mystical world of Practical Magick - browse a while if you will, amongst the curious and mysterious treasures that my world has to offer. But beware! Temptation lies within...

Website: Practical Magick »

Added: 11/04/2014 13:46:00

Spirit Earth

Spirit Earth A online shop stocking Pagan, Wiccan & Witch wares. Were always adding new products to our ever growing store. We also attend many festivals, fairs, markets & MBS events around the UK.

Website: Spirit Earth »

Added: 05/03/2014 11:08:00

Wonderfully Witchy

Wonderfully Witchy Wonderfully Witchy is fun and eclectic, hand printed tees, totes, sweats and more as well as, jewelry and lovingly crafted metaphysical items and supplies for your witchy side.

Website: Wonderfully Witchy »

Added: 09/02/2014 12:22:00

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