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Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Pagan Events

The White Goddess - Wiccan and Pagan Events Calendar

A List Pagan Events, Courses, Conferences, Workshops and Book Launches for the forthcoming months from around the UK.

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2022 EventsPagan Events for March 2023

01/03 - Roman New Year

Roman New Year

Roman New Year

March 1st

Matronalia, in honour of Juno
In ancient Roman religion, the Matronalia (or Matronales Feriae) was a festival celebrating Juno Lucina, the goddess of childbirth, and of motherhood and women in general.

Feriae Marti, in honour of Mars

The sacred fire of Rome was renewed.

05/03 - St Piran's Day

St Piran's Day

St Piran's Day

St Piran's Day (Cornish: Gool Peran) is the national day of Cornwall held on 5 March every year. The day is named after one of the patron saints of Cornwall, Saint Piran, who is also the patron saint of tin miners.

14/03 - Second Equirria

Second Equirria

Second Equirria

March 14

The Equirria (Festival of Mars) were holy days with religious and military significance at either end of the new year celebrations for Mars. Priests performed rites purifying the army. Celebrants held horse races on the Campus Martius (field of Mars).

15/03 - Bacchanalia


Bacchanalia, in honour of Bacchus

March 15 and 16

The bacchanalia were wild and mystic festivals of the Greco-Roman god Bacchus (or Dionysus), the wine god. The bacchanalia were rites originally held in ancient Greece as the Dionysia.

When the rites spread to Rome, they were secret and only attended by women, in later periods men were also admitted. The festivals occurred in the grove of Simila near the Aventine Hill on March 16 and March 17.

17/03 - Agonalia


Agonalia in honour of Mars

March 17

In Ancient Roman religious tradition, Agonalia, or Agonia, was a festival celebrated several times a year, in honor of various divinities, such as Janus and Agonius, whom the Romans used to invoke upon their undertaking any business of importance.

19/03 - 23/03 - Quinquatria


Quinquatria, in honour of Minerva

March 19 to 23

In ancient Roman religion, the Quinquatria or Quinquatrus was a festival sacred to Minerva, celebrated on the 19 March. As this festival was sacred to Minerva, it seems that women were accustomed to consult fortune-tellers and diviners upon this day.

20/03 - 22/03 - Ostara Spring Equinox

Ostara Spring Equinox

Ostara: Spring Equinox (Ostara)

Spring Equinox: 20th Mar 2014 16:57

Incense: Jasmine, Rose
Decorations: Yellow Disk or Wheel, Coloured Egg's, Hare Decorations, Spring Flowers
Colours: Yellow

This marks the Spring Equinox. This is the Pagan "Easter" - or rather, this is the day that Christians borrowed to be their Easter. It is traditionally the day of equilibrium, neither harsh winter or the merciless summer, and is a time of childish wonder. Painted eggs, baskets of flowers and the like are generally used to decorate the house. It is common to use this time to free yourself from things which hinder progress. As a day of equilibrium, it is a good time to perform self banishings and also perform workings to gain things we have lost, or to gain qualities we wish to have.

Website: Ostara Spring Equinox

21/03 - 24/03 - Rituals of the Salii

Rituals of the Salii

Rituals of the Salii to mark the start of the campaigning season

March 21 to 24,

In ancient Roman religion, the Salii were the "leaping priests" of Mars supposed to have been introduced by King Numa Pompilius. Each year in March the Salii made a procession round the city, dancing, and singing the Carmen Saliare.

23/03 - Tubilustrium


Tubilustrium, in honor of Mars

March 23

In Ancient Rome the month of March was the traditional start of the campaign season, and the Tubilustrium was a ceremony to make the army fit for war. The ceremony involved sacred trumpets called tubae.

30/03 - Festival of Salus

Festival of Salus

Festival of Salus

March 30

Salus was a Roman goddess. She was the personification of well-being (health and prosperity) of both the individual and the state. She is sometimes equated with the Greek goddess Hygieia.

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