Animal Spirit Guides: A list of some animal spirit guides and totems and their meanings. Animal Spirit Guides - Octopus/Squid to Owl
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Friday, 24 June 2022

Animal Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guides

A list of some animal spirit guides and totems and their meanings.

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Octopus/Squid To the Greeks and Minoans, Octopus symbolized the sacred spiral of the Goddess and was related to the Spider web. It represented Moon phases, feminine powers, and the cycle of life and death.

Octopus/Squid's Wisdom Includes:

Moving rapidly away from danger when needed
Proper use of smoke screens (ink) in evading enemies
Destroying negative barriers

Added: 17/05/2003


Opossum Proper use of deception
Use of appearances
Guidance to uncovering talent, psychic or physical
Gaining wisdom

Added: 15/05/2003


Orang-utan Gentleness
Connection to the forest spirits
Ingenuity in dealing with problems
Movement above the fray

Added: 17/05/2003

Orca (killer whale)

Orca (killer whale) Creator of the Cosmos

Having the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc.

Freeing the soul from the physical body

Controlling rainfall on Earth

Using the vibrational energy of song to heal

Assisting humans in finding their soul's song

Soul memory

Seeing the unseen

Teaching the ability to seal soul fissures and energy leaks

According to coastal Indians, Orca was created by the hunter who carved a "blackfish" out of yellow cedar and commanded it to kill his wicked in-laws. Orca tore the men to bits and returned to the Tlingit man, Natsalane, who then ordered the sleek animals never again to prey on humans. And, to this day, Orca, the top predator of the sea, doesn’t eat people. Indeed, the Tlingit people of southeast Alaska consider Orca a custodian of the sea.

Added: 15/05/2003


Otter Woman’s healing wisdom
Sensibility without suspicion
Guidance in unmasking talents
Psychic awareness
Recovery issues
Understanding the value of playtime

Added: 15/05/2003


Owl Stealth


Silent and swift movement

Seeing behind masks

Keen sight

Messenger of secrets and omens


Link between the dark, unseen world and the world of light

Comfort with shadow self

Moon magick


Added: 15/05/2003

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