Yule wellbeing: There are many ways to boost wellbeing and enliven the senses during Yule, these ere are a few ideas.
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Yule wellbeing - Winter Solstice 2014 - The White Goddess

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Yule wellbeing

Yule Wellbeing

Yule Wellbeing

One of the most wonderful things about the Wheel of the Year is how it empathises renewal reminding us that we don’t have to be stuck in a rut and we can move on with life. Its comforting to know that its never too late to start something new. Its fun to reinvent yourself be it trying that hair dye, giving a new style of clothing a whirl, starting a new hobby or even going somewhere different. Although things like hair dye may sound very superficial trying different things gives us a boost of confidence and energy. Looking our best feels good, and trying something new is fun. The Yule season is perhaps one of the most potent times to fill your life with magic and sparkle and to set your sights on rebirth and renewal. In many ways how we are now determines how our year ahead will go. There is a saying that goes ‘Summer bodies are made in Winter’. I love that because its so true and relates to more than just how we look. If we take the time during the quiet of Winter to invest in ourselves then we’ll be stronger when the sun does return.

There are many ways to boost wellbeing and enliven the senses during Yule. Here are a few ideas:


We normally bring evergreens into the house such as Holly and Ivy and they look absolutely wonderful. However how about trying something new and bring in the herbal powerhouse that is Rosemary. Rosemary is known for its memory boosting properties and will help calm an atmosphere whilst looking fantastic. Rosemary can also be clipped and make wonderful alternative decorative trees.


Is there anything more soothing than the calm twinkle of candle light? After a long day at work there is nothing nicer than shutting out the cold and creating a cosy atmosphere by lighting lots of candles and wrapping up warmly. If you have pets or young children those fake candles create a similar atmosphere but not the danger.


Although we see colour our main reaction to colour is through the energy it transmits. Colours have different frequency levels and make us feel a range of emotions from happy to sad, peaceful to vibrant. We often use special coloured candles in candle magic but forget about it when it comes to our own space. You will find a multitude of websites showing what colour can do for your wellbeing.

Sugar and Spice and all things nice

I love to buy those mulled wine sachets for nothing more than boiling up and allowing the smell to float through the house. It’s a cheap way to bring instant seasonal cheer and is so uplifting. The shops are full of spiced biscuits, fruit cakes and a host of wonderful goodies. A little indulgence is good for us, just be mindful and don’t overindulge. Cinnamon is an all round wonder spice and has many beneficial properties from lowering blood sugar to cancer fighting chemicals. I sprinkle it on my morning coffee and add it with honey to my porridge. Nutmeg, Ginger and Cloves are some of the most commonly available spices and pep up many drinks and meals.

A Goal list

If you feel overwhelmed and have lost your direction Yule is a great time to sit down and write a ‘Goals list’. It can be really simple things like I want to have an hour to myself and you tick if off when its done. Goals don’t need to be massive life changing events. Noting the more simple things you want to achieve and achieving them is a boost to the system. You don’t need to add detail either. Mine has things like ‘say yes more’, ‘be better with money’. By writing it down it takes clears the brain. You’ll find you sleep better when you have written a goal list, no matter how small because you’ve expressed a desire.

Finally how about A Rebirth Bath

A magical bathing experience to rid you of other peoples negativity and make you new again. My favourite recipe is two handfuls of Epsom salt, orange oil, and rosemary leaves (herbs are powerful, make sure your skin doesn’t react by reading diluting instructions or using a carrier oil). The ritual you use is totally down to you. I like to submerge completely and get my hair wet too. I call on my deities and ask for protection. You can recite anything that makes you wash the past away. I always rinse with fresh water and wait till the last of the water carries the old negativity down the plug hole and away.

Whatever you do this Yule do it wholeheartedly but don’t forget to take time for you.

By Amber

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A great article and some wondeful ideas.

Posted by: Ryewolf on 21/12/2014 11:15:00


I am off to cut some rosemary now. A good read.

Posted by: wychiewoman on 22/12/2014 14:11:00


Many wonderful ideas! I enjoyed reading this.

Posted by: Creiddylad on 29/12/2014 22:03:00


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