Yule Chocolate Peppermint Spoons: A festive chocolate recipe that are perfect for dipping in a cup of hot cocoa.
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Yule Chocolate Peppermint Spoons - Winter Solstice 2014 - The White Goddess

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Yule Chocolate Peppermint Spoons

Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate Peppermint Spoons

What you need:
12 oz package of milk chocolate chips
Crushed mint candies such as candy canes
Heavy plastic or silver spoons
2 cup sized glass-measuring cup
Waxed paper
Wooden spoon
Cellophane candy bags or cling wrap

Pour desired amount of chips into glass-measuring cup. Place in microwave and heat on half power for one minute. Stir, and return to microwave on half heat for 30 seconds. Repeat this until all of the chips are melted.

Next add one tablespoon of shortening per cup of chips used. Stir until it is just mixed together.

Place a length of waxed paper on your work surface and place the wooden spoon in the center of it.

Now dip ini the spoons making sure the bowl of the spoon has a decent amount of chocolate in it.

Place the spoon on the waxed paper with it’s handle on the wooden spoon to make sure that the bowl of the spoon retains enough chocolate.

Before the chocolate hardens sprinkle the spoons with crushed mint candy such as candy canes.

Tip if you are a real mint lover you can use half milk chocolate chips and half Andes Mint baking chips to add a stronger mint flavor.

Let spoons dry/harden before wrapping and tying them with a ribbon.

These are perfect for dipping in a cup of hot cocoa.

By AvaloniaMyst

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sound delicious

Posted by: wychiewoman on 22/12/2014 14:14:00


Absolutely disgusting, horrible stuff, no one else would like the bowl i just made that isn't going to get chance to set.... haha.
We could have some of these in the naughty corner!
Brilliant, thank you :-)

Posted by: taranova on 17/01/2015 19:55:00


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