Spring has Spring: When Winter's icy fingers held us firmly in its grasp it was a time for quiet reflection.
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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Spring has Spring

Spring has Sprung....

Spring has sprung by Amber

When Winter's icy fingers held us firmly in its grasp it was a time for quiet reflection. The Winter forced us to turn our thoughts inwards and look within our homes, and within ourselves. Many of us took that time to embrace being alone with ourselves re-evaluating our beliefs, wants, goals, thoughts and plan where we want to go next. Now the year turns toward the Vernal Equinox and signs of change are all around us. They bring great relief and hope at times when the dark ice mornings seemed endless. For me the first signs of Spring were found by watching the birds going to and fro with twigs and moss for their nests. A sure sign that soon it will be time for them to pair up and lay eggs to bring in the new generation. I always keep the feeders topped up this time of year, as it all seems very hard work for them.

Other signs of Spring are found in the buds forming in the hedgerows and the strengthening sun can really be felt now. The sun is harsh in the sky against bare trees and driving down tree lined motorways can seem like a strobe lighting event as the sun hits and hides in quick succession around the trunks.

Early March saw the return of the Canadian Geese to our English lakes. My heart lifts when the Geese return, they honk such a celebration after their long journey that you can’t help but smile and feel honoured that they returned once more. Along the verges the serene Snowdrops have been joined by the cheerful colours of the Crocus. Daffodils are also starting to break through the ground as they slowly unfurl their spring beauty.

Now is the time when the sun can get access to the woodland floor and really heat things up. This allows decay and fungus to break down last years leaf fall which will in turn provide essential nutrients for our woodland plants and wildlife. March is famous for its Mad March Hares and if you are lucky they can be seen boxing in the fields. Hares actually box each other all year round but in March the grass and fields are still low and bare so you can see them more clearly.

With the warming weather and the sight of birds building their nests we too fling open the windows and give our own homes a top-to-tail clean. The shops and TV adverts will be full of offers on paint and DIY as we attend to our nests too. Garden centres will be bursting with flowering spring bulbs, vegetable seeds, and ideas for the summer. The weather remains changeable and though it feels like Spring is well on its way the threat of Snow is never too far away.

Now is the best time to cut certain garden shrubs back and tidy up the garden. Its also a good time to mulch the ground to provide nutrients for the coming season. There is a sense of joy in the air and the shops are bursting with Pastel colours and bright cut bulb flowers. Thanks to the shops we’ll also be aware that Easter is coming as the smell of hot cross buns wafts in the air and the rows of Chocolate eggs sit where the Christmas Wrapping paper was displayed. The hot cross bun is said to represent the four phases of the moon, or the four seasons of the year. Many people dispute that Easter is a Pagan holiday and finding proof when our historical records have largely been destroyed isn’t an easy task. However to me the fact Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the First Full Moon immediately following the Vernal Equinox sounds very pagan and in-keeping to me.   

There is no doubt the season is all about rebirth, renewal and surviving the darkness of Winter both mentally and psychically. Springs brings new hope, new warmth and though we’ll still face new struggles they’ll seem easier with the strengthening sun on our backs. I love events like Ostara where most people get involved and can join in with the festivities as a collective. I love the ornamental Easter decorations you can buy and add to your Altar too.

I wish you all a blessed Year and may Spring buds blossom into your hearts desire x

By Amber

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This was a lovely read. Well done, Amber!

Posted by: Twisted Willow on 20/03/2015 20:25:00


Lovely read, thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Ryewolf on 22/03/2015 11:56:00


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