Table of Symbols and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals
The White Goddess The Pendle Witches 1612-2012

Table of Symbols and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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Correspondences for Symbols

Name Correspondences
Anchors Foundations
Anointing Oil Blessing
Arrow Direction
Artists Tools Art
Ashes Habits
Badge Authority
Baking Soda Habits
Brick Business, Employment
Bricks Foundations
Butterfly Habits
Cauldron Enchantment
Cave Grounding
Cheese Fertility
Circle Completion
Clay Adaptability
Clothespins Gossip
Coin Decisions
Coins Abundance, Business
Compass Completion
Cords Binding
Cornu Evil Eye
Cornucopia Abundance
Cosmetics Beauty
Crucible Enchantment
Crystal Clairvoyance
Crystal Sphere Divination
Double-headed Eagle Authority
Eel Adaptability
Egg Fertility
Exclamation Point Completion
Feathers Grief
Found Money Abundance
Gloves Courage
Halo Blessing
Hamsa Evil Eye
Hands Blessing
Holes Grounding
Holy Water Blessing
Hourglass Balance
Interlocking Symbols Friendship
Knot Completion, Fertility
Knots Binding
Ladder Business, Employment
Light Blessing
Lion Courage
Medals Courage
Mirror Beauty, Clairvoyance
Mortar And Pestle Enchantment
Music Harmony
Padlock Disenchantment
Pen Communication
Pendulum Decisions, Divination
Pentagram Balance
Period Completion
Ribbons Art
Roots Foundations, Grounding
Salt Clarity
Scales Balance
Scythe Employment
Seeds Abundance
Shefa Abundance
Soap Banishing, Clarity
Soil Foundations, Grounding
Spade Employment
Sphere Clairvoyance
Spider Web Enchantment
Spiral Changes, Fertility
Stationary Communication
Sword Courage
Tarot Divination
Telephone Communication
The Venus Of Willendorf Fertility
Thimble Employment
Thorn Disenchantment
Thread Enchantment
Three Of Cups Friendship
Tin Employment
Trees Foundations, Grounding
Triangle Balance
Water Clarity
Widdershins Banishing
Worms Gossip
Wreath Completion
Ying Yang Balance, Compromise
Young Plants Abundance

Daily Correspondences: Tuesday, 12 December 2017

TuesdayBusiness, Confrontation, Courage, Gardening, Partnership, Passion, Protection, Sex, Work
MarsAggression,ambition, arguments,competition, Conflict, Destruction, Energy, Goals, Male sexuality, Medical issues, Sports, Strength, Strife, Struggle, Surgery, Upheaval, Victory, War
Concentration, abstract thinking, spontaneity and intuition. Ability to communicate. Protective stone. Grounding, centering and strengthening. Psychic attunement, spiritual consciousness and self-esteem. Insulate from negative energies.

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