Table of Oils and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals
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Table of Oils and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals

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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

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You can search by Intent (Wealth, Happiness, Love etc) or by Object (Amethyst, Moon, Red etc).

Correspondences for Oils

Name Correspondences
Acacia Psychic Dreams
Ambergris Beauty
Apricot Love
Basil Exorcism, Money
Benzoin Astral Projection, Purification
Camphor Divination, Psychic Awareness, Psychic Dreams
Cedar Courage
Cedarwood Money, Purification
Cinnamon Astral Projection, Luck, Psychic Awareness
Clove Divination, Protection
Eucalyptus Healing
Frankincense Courage
Gardenia Beauty
Ginger Astral Projection, Beauty, Lust, Money
Jasmine Beauty, Psychic Dreams
Juniper Healing, Protection
Junipr Exorcism
Lavender Beauty, Happiness, Love, Peace
Lemon Love, Purification
Lemon Balm Animal Healing
Lemongrass Luck, Psychic Awareness
Lilac Psychic Dreams
Lime Protection
Magnolia Peace
Musk Courage, Fertility, Lust
Myrrh Animal Healing, Purification
Orange Divination
Patchouly Fertility, Luck, Money, Protection
Peppermint Exorcism, Love, Psychic Awareness
Pine Exorcism, Fertility, Money
Rose Healing, Peace
Rose Geranium Courage
Rosemary Animal Healing, Luck, Lust, Magickal Powers, Purification
Sandalwood Astral Projection, Healing, Psychic Dreams
Spearmint Animal Healing
Sweetpea Happiness
Tangerine Magickal Powers
Tuberose Divination, Happiness
Vanilla Lust, Magickal Powers
Vervain Fertility
Vetivert Protection
Yarrow Exorcism, Psychic Awareness

Daily Correspondences: Wednesday, 29 June 2022

BrownAnimal Health
BrownBalance, Concentration, Earth Elemental, Empathy, Endurance, ESP, Foundations, Grounding, Houses, Physical Objects, Steadiness, Uncertainties
WednesdayAstrology, Communication, Creativity, Divination, Healing, Legal Issues, Studies, Wisdom
MercuryBusiness, Buying and selling, Cleverness, Communication, Contracts, Creativity, Information, Intellect, Memory, Science, Wisdom, Writing
Money attraction, eases fears and dreads. Mars. Vitality, strengthening of Will. Enhances mental capacity and attracts money to owner. Has protecting, shielding aspect for physical, mental, emotional levels. Shields from negative energy, strengthens circulatory system, clears oxygen in the blood. Also known as fool’s gold.

[Image: Rob Lavinsky Rob Lavinsky - CC-BY-SA-3.0]

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