Table of Crystals and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals
The White Goddess Book Of Shadows

Table of Crystals and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals

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Saturday, 19 October 2019

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Correspondences for Crystals

Name Correspondences
Actinolite Balance, Harmony, Patience, Self-worth
Adamite Courage, Emotional Issues, Inner Strength, Problem Solving, Prosperity
Adularia Clairvoyance, Divination, Guidance, Health, Intuition, Longevity, Soul Searching, Soul Travel, Wealth
Agate Balance, Clarity, Courage, Courage, Creativity, Energizer, Fertility, Good Health, Good Manners, Grounding, Growing Plants, Happiness, Healing, Health, Inner Bitterness, Intelligence, Longevity, Longevity, Making Friends, Prosperity, Protection, Restoration Of Energy, Strength, Support, Truth, Ward Anger, Wealth
Agnitite Life Force, Purify, Spiritual Light
Agrellite Confidence, Distant Healing, Independence, Potential, Self-Respect
Alabaster Clarity, Composure, Forgiveness, Meditation, Mental Balance
Alexandrite Forgiveness, Good Fortune, Happiness, Sexual Powers, Success
Alum Ill Wishes, Protection, Purification, Ward Negativity
Amazonite Balance, Harmony, Hope, Physical Stamina, Thinking
Amber Balance, Infection, Lift The Spirit, Positive Energy, Rids Depression
Amethyst Calming, Compulsive Behavior, Faithfulness, Fear, Friendship, Headaches, Healing, Inner Calm, Insights, Intuition, Meditation, Psychic Ability, Self-Esteem, Sleep, Spiritual Awareness
Amethystine Agate Change
Ametrine Healing, Intellect, Openness, Understanding
Apache Tear Centering, Good Luck, Grief, Grounding, Promoting Peace, Protection, Repel Negativity, Scrying
Aqua Aura Cleanse Chakra, Open Chakra
Aquamarine Accidents, Banish Fears, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, Happiness, Inspiration, Nervous Tension, Open Throat Chakra, Phobias, Purifying, Sooths The Heart, Thinking, Travel
Aventurine Balance, Creativity, Healing, Luck
Azurite Acceptance, Calm, Dreams, Healing, Inner Confusion, Intuition, Personal Stress, Psychic Ability, Psychic Eye, Spiritual Guidance, Truth, Understanding
Barite Anxious, Communication, Conserve Energy, Immune Problems, Obstacles, Relationships, Rituals, Spells, Stress
Beryl Psychic Awareness, Relationships
Black Onyx Negativity
Bloodstone Accidents, Balance, Business, Business, Confidence, Courage, Courage, Depression, Disease, Emotional Blockages, Healing, Invisibility, Legal Matters, Longevity, Physical Strength, Spells
Blue Calcite Astral Projection, Balance, Fear, Joy, Lightness, Stress
Blue Celestite Angelic Realms, Clear Perspective, Detachment, Divine Inspiration
Blue Lace Agate Feminine Qualities, Gentleness, Peace
Botswana Agate Gifts, Mood Lifting, Pleasures
Calcite Balance, Clarity, Clearing Blockages, Energy, Meditation
Carnelian Anger, Communication, Concentration, Confidence, Decisions, Eloquence, Energy, Fear, Focus, Good Fortune, Gossip, Harmonious, Healing, Health, Longevity, Motivation, Peaceful, Protection, Wishes
Celestite Angels, Astral Work, Dreams
Charoite Conquering Fears
Chrysocalla Clears Thinking, Feminine Qualities
Chrysocolla Friendship
Chrysolite Clarity
Citrine Abundance, Confidence, Courage, Prosperity, Self-determination
Clear Quartz Clarity
Coral Fertility
Emerald Harmony
Fluorite Concentration
Fuchsite Balance, Harmony
Garnet Commitment, Energy
Hematite Grounding
Jade Confidence, Dreams, Fertility, Fidelity, Friendship, Harmony
Jasper Awareness, Grounding
Jet Grief
Kunzite Communication
Kyanite Awareness, Communication, Dreams
Lapis Lazuli Creativity
Lead Foundations
Lepidolite Astral Work, Changes
Lodestone Attraction
Malachite Changes, Clearing Blockages
Moonstone Forgiveness
Obsidian Grounding
Onyx Centering, Grief
Opal Creativity
Peridot Changes
Petrified Wood Changes, Grounding
Rhodochrosite Balance
Rose Quartz Friendship, Happiness
Ruby Zoisite Angels, Astral Work
Rutilated Quartz Energy
Rutilayed Quartz Clairvoyance
Sapphire Beauty
Smoky-Quartz Balance, Grounding
Sodalite Communication
Sugilite Confidence
Tigers Eye Grounding
Topaz Creativity, Energy, Generosity
Tourmalinated Quartz Balance
Tourmaline Balance, Confidence
Turquoise Astral Work, Grounding

Daily Correspondences: Saturday, 19 October 2019

SaturdayDebts, Discovery, Endings, Home, Justice, Karma, Longevity, Protection
SaturnAstral plane, Banks, Binding, Buildings, Death, Debts, Discipline, History, Institutions, karmic debts, Knowledge, limitations, Longevity, Magickal knowledge, Obstacles, Real estate, Sacred wisdom, Structures, Time
Paraibia Tourmaline
Paraibia Tourmaline
It gives us strength, inspiration, perception and patience. Creativity, prosperity and compassion.

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