Table of Colours and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals
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Table of Colours and their Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals

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Monday, 11 December 2017

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Correspondences for Colours

Name Correspondences
Black Addictions, Bad Habits, Banishing, Binding, Confusion, Decisions, Discord, Protection, Remove Hexes, Spirit Contact, Truth, Ward Negativity
Blue Art, Changes, Employment, Happiness, Harmony, Health
Brown Animal Health, Balance, Concentration, Earth Elemental, Empathy, Endurance, ESP, Foundations, Grounding, Houses, Physical Objects, Steadiness, Uncertainties
Chartreuse Confidence, Growth, Prosperity, Travel
Copper Monetary goals, Passion, Professional growth
Dark Blue Change, Dreams, Impulse, Meditation, Protection, The Goddess, Truth, Water Elemental
Emerald Green Fertility, Love
Gold Abundance, Achievement, Business, Divination, Employment, Finances, Fortune, Healing Energy, Intuition, Mental Growth, Physical Strength, Power, Skill, Solar Energy, Success, The God
Green Abundance, Agriculture, Agriculture, Ambition, Balance, Changing direction, Courage, Earth Elemental, Employment, Fertility, Finances, Generosity, Greed, Growth, Habits, Healing, Herb Magick, Lord and Lady, Luck, Prosperity
Green-Yellow Anger, Jealousy, Negate Discord, Sickness
Grey Cancellation, Decisions, Faerie Magick, Hesitation, Neutrality, Veiling, Vision Quests
Indigo Astral Work, Balance, Competition, Defense, Gossip, Karma Workings, Meditation, Neutralise Magic, Spirit Communication, Ward Slander
Lavender Dignity, Intuition, Spiritual shield
Light Blue Intuition, Opportunity, Patience, Psychic Awareness, Quests, Safe Journey, Tranquility, Understanding, Ward depression
Olive green Forgiveness
Orange Adaptability, Attraction, Changes, Control, Dominance, Employment, Encouragement, Energy, Healing, Legal Matters, Luck, Strength, The God, Vitality
Peach Gentle strength, Joy
Pink Affection, Awakening, Communication, Compassion, Emotional Love, Friendship, Honour, Mortality, Relaxation
Purple Ambition, Banish Disease, Banish Evil, Business, Healing, Intuition, Meditation, Occult Wisdom, Power, Progress, Protection, Spiritual Communication, Spiritual Development
Red Adaptability, Bad Habits, Banishing, Courage, Defense, Energy, Enthusiasm, Fear, Fire Elemental, Habits, Health, Passion, Power, Protection, Sexuality, Strength, Vigor
Rose Enhancing relationships, Self-love
Silver Abundance, Balance, Fear, Lunar Magic, Meditation, Psychic Development, Success, The Goddess, Ward Negativity
Turquoise Growth, Healing, Peace, Prosperity
Violet Addictions, Intuition, Self-Improvement, Success
White Acceptance, Banishing, Blessing, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Consecration, Decisions, Devotions, Forgiveness, Full Moon Magic, Harmony, Justice, Meditation, Peace, Protection, Purity, Sincerity, Truth, Warding
Yellow Adaptability, Air Elemental, Art, Attraction, Changes, Clairvoyance, Communication, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Divination, Eloquence, Fertility, Harmony, Intellectual Growth, Learning, Mental Alertness, Prosperity, Study, Travel

Daily Correspondences: Monday, 11 December 2017

MondayAstral Travel
MondayDivination, Dreams, Family, Feminine Issues, Fertility, Healing, Home, Peace, Pets, Psychic Development
AlmondAddictions, Money, Prosperity, Wisdom
MoonAstral Travel, Birth, children, Clairvoyance, Dreams, Emotions, Fertility, Home, imagination, Inspiration, Intuition, Reincarnation, Secrets, Sleep, women's mysteries
Harlequin Quartz
Harlequin Quartz
Powerful emotional balancer, encouraging self love, self worth and self acceptance. Removes fear based control. Connect with spirit guides. Encourage love of life and lift your spirit. Lifts the spirits.

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