Practical Magic by Marion Green. Seeks to inform people of the ancient skills of hand and mind which are once more being examined and perfected all over the world.
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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Practical Magic by Marion Green

Practical Magic by Marion Green

Practical Magic.
A book of transformations, spells and mind magic
by Marion Green.

Pages: 96 pages
Publisher: Lorenz Books (28 Feb 2001) (Hermes House Publishing.)

Dimensions: 30.5 x 23.8 x 1.4 cm

The Blurb

This is volume offers specially commissioned photography, fine art and archive material examining the themes and practices of ancient and modern magic making. "Practical Magic" seeks to inform people of the ancient skills of hand and mind which are once more being examined and perfected all over the world. Arts of self-awareness, healing, foretelling the future and discovering the power of ancient gods and goddesses within, can all be mastered by working with traditional exercises and techniques. By recreating a place of inner peace, our own forgotten skills and unknown abilities can be brought to the surface, in order to bring enlightenment, power and joy. Throughout the book there is practical information on tools and materials; spells and incantations; clothing and ritual robes; the use of herbs, candles and incese; and ritual food and drink.

Practical Magic by Marion Green.

Having a tidy up on my bookshelves I came across this book that I'd forgotten I'd bought-a snip of a price from the local charity shop. So over the last few days I've had a read and think it's worth a review.

This book isn’t new, published around 2002, but it's still readily available at very reasonable prices on sites such as Amazon (another good reason to have a look at it).

The great thing about Practical Magic is that it is concise, very easily read, and points and tips are separated from the main body for quick reference.  Photographs are an integral part of the book, demonstrating practices and dispelling any mystery and ambiguity about how one might actually go about things when considering a path that involves Magic (ever practical Ms. Green).

It's not for the seasoned practitioner, more a great book, that very gently guides the individual on the first steps of magical practice, lightly but sensibly (as Marion Green always does).

The book touches briefly on subjects such as Magic, Witchcraft and Sorcery, The Arts of Ritual, The Sun, Moon and Stars, Symbolic Tools, The Cycle of the Year, Developing the Senses and includes Correspondence Tables and Elemental Tables.

Touches briefly is key here-there is enough for the individual to move further into magical practice if they wish, and a reading list is given at the end for further exploration.

Also explored are the skills e.g. Meditation, Visualisation that the individual will need to develop for practice, and exercises given in order to begin this development.

The brief chapter on Ethics is a concise introduction and pleasantly non-preachy.

My only bug-bear (sorry) is that in many demonstrating photographs the folk wear eastern type clothing that to my eye look way too much like pyjamas! You know-ordinary practical witches do like to wear jeans and trainers (or boots depending on the weather)! This, to me is more practical!

That said, point taken about at times wearing something 'set aside' for magical working if needs be.

All in all, if you are just starting to find your place in the pagan world and think it's likely to involve magical practice then you'll find this book a practical and, at present, inexpensive place to start

[A Review by Pyewacket] 

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