Meditation Ritual to find your spirit guide. A guided meditation to help you connect with your totem animal.
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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Meditation to find your Spirit Guide

Meditation Ritual to find your spirit guide.

Enter your special place. Allow the feelings of peace, tranquility and safety to surround you. Know that you are about to embark on an important experience. Continue to feel completely relaxed and calm.

From your special place, visualize a flight of shallow, wide, white steps leading up into a soft mist. The mist surrounds the steps on either side. You may not have noticed these steps before. Whatever form your special place takes, these steps lead up from it. Walk to the foot of the stairs. Do you want to go up them?

If you feel ready, then start to climb the steps, slowly upwards, higher and higher, feeling a sense of deep peace and expectation. The mist above you is glowing softly. You may see objects or artefacts on the steps - take note of these.

You realise you are getting to the top. Now the mist is becoming thinner. You hear faint music, like distant bells or wind chimes. As you climb higher, you can hear the music more clearly. It seems to be all around you,and inside you, soft and gentle. It is like a waterfall, a rushing stream, a cascade of temple bells, yet it is still gentle, soft and silvery.

You find yourself at the top and all the mist disappears. You are in a lush meadow. The sun is shining, the grass is emerald green - all the colours you see have extra depth and beauty. Look around you and notice plants, trees and animals. The music still surrounds you and you look ahead, where a glistening waterfall cascades over rocks and runs into a clear river.

Someone is coming towards you from the direction of the waterfall. You feel a sense of warmth and recognition. this is your guide. Greet him or her,and listen attentively to anything they have to say. this is your friend, guardian and spiritual mentor. Ask him or her any questions you wish.

Now pause for ten minutes or so. Relax and make no attempt to control what unfolds. Let everything develop in it's own way.

It is time to leave. Listen to your guide's final words. He or she may give you a gift, or some special advice. This is something to treasure. You may also wish to give a gift, perhaps a pledge or a thank you. Turn back into the mist and slowly go down the steps back into your special place.

Now open your eyes and come back to everyday awareness. Be sure to write down what you have experienced. The guide that you met is your inner guide, a teacher who can help you with any issue that troubles you, from the most mundane to the most esoteric. Visit him or her frequently, so the relationship becomes deep and habitual.

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