The only tool you really need to perform magic, is your consciousness, the power of your mind, imagination, will and intention.
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The Tools of Magic - Introduction To Paganism - The White Goddess

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Monday, 23 May 2022

The Tools of Magic

Tools of MagicThe Tools of Magic

The only tool you really need to perform magic, is your consciousness, the power of your mind, imagination, will and intention.

Traditional tools and magic paraphernalia are the props to add to the ‘theatre’ of your magic, making the magic you do a creative and symbolic act, acting as a focus and to activate the correct state of consciousness. Tools will, in time, pick up the energies of the person who uses them.

A good selection of things for spell work can be cheaply collected, coloured pens, paper, ribbons, and thread. A good collection of coloured candles can be cheaply acquired. Pebbles, shells, twigs and feathers can be found. Herbs if cannot be collected or grown oneself, can be acquired from the spice section of the supermarket, or bought as herbal teas. There is no reason to go to a lot of expense, most spells can be adapted to suit you needs and resources, and those created yourself are attuned to your energy and so will work for you the best.

If you desire to work a particular spell and have none of the materials, you can go to your ‘astral’ space and manifest the materials and work your spell there!

Traditional Tools can also be picked up cheaply, brass bowls, silver goblets and bells can often be found in charity shops. An Athame need not be ornate; a kitchen knife picked up from a hardware shop will do just as well. Wands, scrying mirrors etc...can be made.

When you have acquired a tool, you may like to cleanse it in one of the following ways.... in running water, smoke from a smudge stick or incense, burying it in the earth for 24 hours, or salt. (Assuming the material it is made from something that will come to no harm) You can say something such as ‘I cleanse this tool of all negativity’ and imagine it filling with white light as you do so. You may then like to consecrate and charge your tool with energy, dedicating it to your Deity, the element it is associated with and the purpose for which it is intended. You can make this an elaborate or as simple little ritual as you like.

Common Tools.

The Athame - The ritual knife, usually black handled with the blade sharp on both sides. Kept for ceremonial use only. Comes under the element of fire and the south (in some traditions Air and east, go with what feels right to you)

The Boline - The boline, normally white handled, is usually sharpened and is practical knife rather than a purely ritualistic one. (So you would use your white handled knife for cutting flowers, wands, inscribing runes etc on candles.) It corresponds to the same element and direction as the Athame.

The use of a White Handled Knife in magic can be traced back to the Key of Solomon (translated by S Liddell MacGregor Mathers based on 16th and 17th century manuscripts) and hints at a Qabalistic/Ceremonial Magic/Masonic origin.

"The Knife with the white handle should be made in the day and hour of mercury, when Mars is in the Sign of the Ram or of the Scorpion. It should be dipped in the blood of a gosling and in the juice of the pimpernel, the Moon being at her full or increasing in light. Dip therein also the white hilt, upon which thou shalt have engraved the Characters shown. Afterwards perfume it with the perfumes of the Art."

[The charcters engraved on the picture are a mixture of Hebrew and what look like Malachim characters (From Bartolozzi's Biblioteca Magna Rabbinica, 1675)]

The Wand - Made from wood and better made by yourself, the wand should be about as long as the tip of your middle finger to your elbow. It comes under Air and the east (or fire and the south). it is used to direct energy, as when casting a circle, the energy can flow through you and then through your wand.

The Cauldron - (or a saucepan /bowl) symbolically the womb of the Goddess. The Cauldron versatile tool to place offerings within it, brew potions, burn candles and paper spells, fill with dark liquid for scrying. Often dedicated to the Goddess Ceridwen, and associated with water and the west.

The Chalice - Used as a drinking vessel for ceremonial wine/juice, and grail magic, Chalices are associated with water and the west.

Besom - Traditional broom used to symbolically cleanse and area. (you can always consecrate the Hoover!)

Pentacle - A five pointed star carved in wood, or sewed or painted on a cloth, symbolic of the five elements. Earth, fire, air, water and spirit. Objects can be placed within it for consecration or empowerment. The Pentacle comes under the earth and north.

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