An example of a typical rite to Cast a Circle, including purification of self and sacred space and setting up of your altar.
The White Goddess Paganism 101 An Introduction

Casting The Circle - Introduction To Paganism - The White Goddess

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Saturday, 23 January 2021

Casting The Circle

Casting A Magic CircleCasting The Circle

Purification of Self and Space.

Before starting, take a bath or shower; image all the worries, stresses and negative energies of the everyday, normal world, wash away. Feel cleansed and purified by the water. Sweep your sacred space, to clear unwanted negative energies. You can do this physically, with a broom or besom, or visualise it or both together.

Set up the Altar.

Set up your altar (facing North or wherever seems right), set incense burning, light Goddess Candle (Silver), light God Candle (Gold) and any other candle as required. Play some calming, relaxing music.

Sit and face the Altar, take a few deep breaths, to calm and relax you.

Casting The Circle.

[Present burning incense to the Altar, Walk the circle deosil (clockwise) with incense and feather. Representing Fire and Air.]

[Join Salt and Water together, present to the Altar. Walk the circle deosil, asperge with Water and Earth.]

[Now with the Athame, Wand or finger cast the circle with spirit. Your Energy, Heart and Spirit. Visualise a blue flame coming from your Athame or Wand as you walk the circle.]

Circle Chant.
"The Sacred Circle
My fortress be
In perfect love and perfect trust
Be thou cast, so mote it be! "
( Call the Lady and Lord, Goddess and God to join you in your circle, to watch over you, and keep you safe. )

"Lady of The Night, Mother Goddess
Hear my call, come join me,
Watch over this Circle Of Power,
Touch us, change us, make us whole."

"Lord of The Wilds, Sky Father
Hear my call, come join me
Watch over this Circle Of Power,
Touch us, change us, make us whole.."

[Take a moment to acknowledge the presence of The Goddess and God. Smile at the Lady's warmth...the Lord's being.]

[Invoke the Quarters, or Watchtowers of the Circle.]

" Spirit and Guardian of the [direction],
I call you to my circle, come be with me.
Thou watch from the [direction] and keep me safe
Witness my workings and lend me thy aid. "

[Repeat for each of the Quarters.]

[Clap your hands on the ground and say:]

"As above, so below, this circle is sealed"

Blessed Be!

"The Goddess is a live. Magick is afoot!" Margot Adler

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